Lake El Salto Fishing Reports

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April 13, 2017 Lake El Salto

Rob & Suzan Horn

127 bass to 7.6lbs on watermelon worms in 5-10′ of water

Mike & Cathy Wheatley

50 bass to 8.12lbs on white spinnerbaits in 1-8′ of water

Rick & Helen Hutchinson

60 bass to 6.6lbs on white spinnerbaits in 2-12′ of water

Bob & Sheila Prigen

65 bass with a pair of 6.8lb on watermelon red lizards in 5-12′ of water

April 12, 2017 Lake El Salto

Mike & Cathy Wheatley

74 bass to 6.7lbs on tilapia 7 citrus crankbaits in 8-12′ of water

Gary Watson & Denny Swartz

77 bass to 5.8lbs on watermelon red lizards & citrus crankbaits in 1-15′ of water

Mike & Dana Hicks

104 bass to 5.10lbs on watermelon & watermelon red lizards & senkos in 5-10′ of water

April 11,2017 Lake El Salto

Mike & Cathy Wheatley

71 bass to 6.12 on Carolina Rig watermelon Worms & lizards and citrus crankbaits in 5-15′ of water

Lyle & Thomas Reagan

45 bass to 8.8lbs on 10″ black power worms in 1-20′ of water

Rick & Helen Hutchinson

75 bass to 7lbs on brown/black jigs in 4-6′ of water

March 27, 2017 Lake El Salto

Chris Knapp (SOLO)

30 bass to 5.62lbs on watermelon senkos in 1-10′ of water

Rick Canady & Randy Buck

41 bass with a 8.2 & 7.6lb on watermelon jigs in 1-16′ of water

Adam Zinsmeyer & Ethan Walz\

90 bass to 5.8lbs on chrome/blue Rat-l-traps & texas shad redeye shad in 5-10′ of water


March 24, 2017 Lake El Salto

Doug Coors & Lonnie merschan

40 bass to 7.39lbs on watermelon lizars in 1-10′ of water

Justin Fleck & Brian Friday

32 bass to 7.1lbs on chart spinnerbaits in 1-6′ of water

James & Todd Neace

79 bass to 6.6lbs on green pumpkin jigs and carolina rig blue craws in 5-20′ of water

March 23, 2017 Lake El Salto

Nathan Rothstein & Todd Neace

56 bass to 7.4lbs on swim jigs in 5-15′ of water

Brian Friday & Larry Boyd

90 bass to 5.8lbs on watermelon senkos & carolina rig watermelon flukes in 1-15′ of water

Doug Coors & Justin Fleck

165 bass to 5lbs on black magic senkos & carolina rig purple senkos in 10-15′ of water