What Your Fellow Anglers Have to Say About Our Adventures

February 2020

Hello Bill!

We just returned from Lake Picachos and what a fantastic trip we had. All considered, it was my best Mexico Bass Fishing experience ever! The size and quality of the bass we caught are getting better and better. Our consistent size bass was 3.75 lbs. to 4.25 lbs. per fish with the amount of 5 lb. to 7 lb. bass really increasing in numbers. Chino and the staff including all guides were really attentive to our every little need. The service provided is absolutely outstanding and you should be proud of all your folks. We go out of our way to take care of everyone monetarily as well as provide them with many usable gift items that they seem to appreciate. I simply could not be happier!

Take care,
Don Rucks

Better Every Year
February 2020


I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed my week at your Picachos facility. It seems that every year it gets better and better and this year was no exception. The dining room was over the top, what class. Jorge is the right man in the right position. I am amazed at his dedication, and willingness to accommodate. I felt that he went out of his way to be kind and making sure I had a wonderful experience. The new dining room was spectacular!!!! Not only when you are inside, but when you come in at night and see it from the boat, WOW is the only word that keeps coming to mind. Whoever did the lighting sure knew what they were doing. Love the TV’s in the room and dining room.

I can hardly wait for the next time I come back.

Thank you so much,
John Sawyer

Seven Days with MLF Group
January 14, 2020

Dear Ron,

My name is Don Guy. I recently completed my third trip to your Lake Picachos facility with Don Rucks and the MLF group.

I wanted to email and say the trip was terrific. Our group, as usual, had a great time. We spent a wonderful 7 days enjoying your facility and, of course, the fishing at Lake Picachos. As always, we enjoyed fishing with the hard-working, courteous guides.

The food was very good. Jorge and your entire service staff were outstanding in providing us with excellent service and attention.

My thanks to you and your entire Picachos staff for providing our group with another wonderful experience.

Take care,

Third Year Visiting Camp
January 13, 2020

Hello Ron,

My name is Martin Carner and I was at your camp last week with the MLF group. This was my third year to visit your camp, I was very impressed with the new room you added on for dining also the new walkway was very nice, the grounds was very well kept. But without a doubt the best addition to the camp was your new camp manager Jorge. From the time I arrived until I left I did not want for anything, because Jorge was there to take care of it. Also the staff working under him was spot on. Jorge is a great addition to your camp and you should be proud of him.

Martin Carner

Fantastic Year-End Trip
Dec 27-31, 2019

Hello Fishermen!,

Another fantastic Adventure at beautiful lake Picachos! Our last trip was Dec. 27th-31st. We had one of the bigger groups with 23 Happy guys!

Out of 23 people, we didn’t have one little bit of Drama! No problems, no one sick, and everybody caught a ton of fish! We had 12 boats on the water for 3 days and we probably averaged about 150 fish per Boat per Day! Really!

The camp was great! The staff was great! The food was great! And the fishing was great Too! Not a single complaint! The fishing was more consistent on this trip. There were several basic patterns you could depend on.

Bottom baits rule! From 10″ power worms to the dependable lizards. Lots of Chartreuse! It was common to hear the guys report wormhole stops of 50 to 60 fish and even reports of 80 and 90 fish stops! Some over 200 per day!

Some of our guys reported throwing 3/4 oz. jigs with flapping craw type trailers. The benefit to fishing jigs is that they don’t tear up like plastics, just unhook and you’re ready to go again! The heavier baits were better because most of the schools were reported in about 20 to 24′ of water. The shallow reaction bite was great too! Rattle Traps, Sq. Bills, Blades and Chatter Baits worked all day as usual! Top Water was strong Too!

The white popper was best and the Whopper Plopper was a close second! If you talk to any of our guys, you’ll be sure to hear about the community holes like in San Marcos. It has become common to see 6 or 8 of our boats all fishing next to each other and almost everybody is hooked up! The Rattle Traps and the swimbaits were killers! Seriously! I estimate that our guys boated over 1,000 fish per day just in the San Marcos Arm! No Lie! Lots of witnesses!

However “Phillipe Banderas” Of San Diego schooled all of us on the last hour of the last day! He switched to an 8XD in Neon Blue Gill and Cranked a Big Fish of 7.58 lb.! Giant! Right in the middle of six boats! His PB! Way to go Phil!

However again, that was only good enough for the second big fish in our group! On the first day up in the river, young John Buller (80 years old) Camly dragged in an 8 plus! He caught it on a heavy swim jig with a green pumpkin swimbait!

Nice job Johnny! Congrats. What a special memory for the Bullers. Corey, Josh, and John Buller. Father, son, and Grandfather!

The new restaurant was great too! The food and drink were great too! The whole trip was a homerun! I would like to personally thank everyone in this group! We all had a great time!

Also, if you have some really nice pics. on your phones, please text or email them to me. Until next time! Thanks Again!

Fishing Jimmy