What Your Fellow Anglers Have to Say About Our Adventures

Perfect Experience at El Salto
November 10-14, 2016

Dear Ron Speed Jr,

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays! I’m sorry I didn’t write to you before but I was just so busy I’ve just now finally found the time! My husband Ken & I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at El Salto in November. From the minute we were picked up at our hotel until we were dropped off at the airport everything was perfect!

When we arrived at the camp we were greeted with a smile by Lupe your camp Operations Manager. He is always so helpful in getting us situated with our room and our equipment. While we were settling in we were treated to a plate of delicious jalapeno poppers and of course a couple of our favorite beverages. The food while we were there, as usual, was amazing! From the traditional breakfasts and lunches to the dinners (steak, shrimp, lobster, Mexican food etc.) everything is always fresh and delicious! During our stay our room was always cleaned and stocked with all the linens and supplies needed.

And then there was the fishing that was simply “Off the Hook”! Ken and I caught our biggest fish ever this year! Our daily stats were already posted by Lupe on your website. All of our guides were all very knowledgeable and friendly. All I can say is that we had a fantastic fishing experience!

Besides the spectacular time we had fishing I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge your Operations Assistant Jorge, the newest addition to your team. I don’t even know where to begin. From the time were arrived he was the most attentive person there. It was almost uncanny everywhere we were he was there just waiting to see if there was anything we needed. I had the opportunity to sit and have a nice conversation with him the day we were leaving. I don’t have enough adjectives to describe him. Attentive, dedicated, ambitious and innovative are just a few. One example was his idea to create a salsa bar at dinner one night. It was delicious and added to our dining experience! We feel he is going to have a bright and successful future in you organization! We look forward to seeing him and everyone else hopefully again this year!

Kim and Ken Seedorf

Fly fishing at El Salto
Late January, 2016


I was just at your lodge on El Salto the week of January 25th to the 29th. I want to thank you for actually delivering what you advertise. The entire staff was friendly and helpful, the food was fantastic, the accommodations were nice and the fishing incredible! I figured since I only fly fish, I’d probably end up putting a wrench in the works but the guides were able to adapt to my style of fishing quickly and both the guides and I had a great time.

Not only did I catch my biggest bass ever but my largest one day string too. I ended up with a one day, five fish string that went 35 lb. 11 oz. all on top water poppers.That included bass of 5, 5-8, 6-10, 7-13 and a 10-12 monster. I hooked bass to eight pounds every day, I was living in a dream. You can bet that I’ll be back!

Craig Riendeau

12/12 – 14, 2015

Sorry for the delayed report but I wanted to tell you that we had an awesome experience on Lake Picachos. This is my second trip with Ron Speed Adventures. 10ish years back we ventured up to Comadero. Both trips were special in their own way but you have something really special going on at Lake Picahos. There are a ridiculous amount of bass in lake Picahos with amazing cover. The lake is alive with wildlife, fish, birds, mammals everywhere you look. It’s a gorgeous location with a very nice lodge for such a remote spot. This will be the trophy bass lake of Mexico in couple years.

On to the fishing. We had a little airline trouble and missed the majority of the first day’s fishing. We more than made up for it days two and three. Day 2 we landed in excess of 200 fish up to 5.5 lbs. Day 3 we landed well over 300 fish up to 8.8 lbs. My partner in crime Hank DiMarco is more of a tuna fisherman than bass fisherman but still managed 100+ fish each day on the Zoom Green Pumpkin Lizards (Iguana Verde) while I caught virtually all my fish on Zoom Junebug Horny Toads. Even when the sun was full on we could find a shady bank where I could catch them on top while Hank pitched the brush. We just killed them and had a great time.

Here is the bottom line. You can catch fish 2-10 lbs on Lake Picachos using any technique you want. My favorite lure to fish is the Zoom Horny Toad. I went through 20 bags in two days. So tell your customers to bring whatever they like to throw and get after it.


Best regards,
Gerald Goff

Robert Zvanut
“UNREAL day, I came to fish with no expectations of breaking the 20 lbs barrier”

As with my business you only hear from two types of customers, ones that had a poor experience and ones that had a fantastic one. This one is the latter. This was my first trip to Brazil and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. The Otter and the Staff, exceeded any expectations I had about accommodations and food. The Guides all worked to put us on fish, and one in particular “Gee” pictured in 673, worked with my fishing partner and I Wednesday morning and eventually, with his patience, taught us the correct technique to rip the baits. His tutelage paid off for everyone. The fish I caught on Wednesday with Gee are attached, 18lbs around 8:00am, 22 lbs around 9:00am and 25 lbs at 3:00pm. UNREAL day, I came to fish with no expectations of breaking the 20 lbs barrier, had heard of people going 5 and 6 time and still not having a 20+ pound fish. We gave Gee a huge tip and then I split the Big Fish Pot with him as well.

Looking forward to bringing my older Brother in the future.

Robert Zvanut

Bob McPeak (Illinois)
“Believe me, the hype on Lake Picachos, if anything is understated.”

I wanted to drop you a quick note about my recent trip to Lake Picachos on December 28, 2014. I was vacationing with my family in Mazatlan and Bill was able to get me set up for a 1-day trip to Lake Picachos. The driver (Jorge) picked me up at my hotel, on time as scheduled, and drove me to the lake. The drive was less than an hour. When we arrived at the lodge we were met by Carlos the camp manager. I was greeted with coffee, orange juice and a freshly prepared breakfast of bacon and eggs with all the trimmings. Carlos brought me several new Temple Fork rods to rig up with my reels and then introduced me to my guide, Miguel. Carlos, Jorge and Miguel walked me down to the boats and got me settled in. I had met Jorge last year on a trip to El Salto and enjoyed his company so I asked him if he wanted to go fishing with me. He scrambled to find a rod and reel and met me at the boat. Jorge’s Spanish/English was perfect for communicating with Miguel. At daybreak, we motored to our first fishing location. I want to make it very clear that I was a little apprehensive about all of the hype about Lake Picachos. I have fished several lakes in Mexico and some of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States. Believe me, the hype on Lake Picachos, if anything is understated. I had the best fishing day of my life! Jorge and I caught 293 bass mostly averaging 2-1/2# to 3-1/2# with our largest just under 6#. I completely wore out 4 spinnerbaits during the day. When I would take a break from the spinnerbait and throw plastics I continued to catch fish in flurries. At one point, I was throwing a tube and caught 14 bass on consecutive casts. The fishing was unreal! I have the bruises on my ribs from setting the hook to prove it. I know that 293 bass is an absurd number of fish to catch but what that doesn’t reflect is the number of fish we had attack our baits that we didn’t hook. The bass were just mean. I think they were trying to kill our baits and were hitting them with their mouths closed. I can legitimately estimate that we had over 500 fish bite during the day. This number doesn’t include the number of fish we jumped off or broke off. I highly recommend Ron Speed Adventures and Lake Picachos. I can only imagine what the lake will be like in a couple of years. Yes, I will be returning for a longer trip next time. As a side note, I think Jorge is still grinning ear-to-ear, I know I am… Thanks for everything! Well worth the money!

Bob McPeak (Illinois)
Directions Unlimited
All-Star Embroidery

Ray Shull (Tennessee), Al Putre (New York)
First time trip to El Salto: “A great trip overall, and good value received.”

Just returned from a great 5 days of fishing El Salto for the first time ( Ray Shull & Al Putre ). We had good fishing the first four days, but hadn’t gotten into any really large fish over 6#. Then on our very last shot, on Tues afternoon, we really hit them big! We only had 2 hrs to fish that afternoon due to our scheduled pick up back to Mazatlan, and we told our guide (Armando Jr) to just get us into some quality bass. He put us on a breezy point not too far uplake, and in the next two hrs-from 2:20p to 4:20p, we proceeded to boat 51 bass weighing a total of 200 lb! Among them was a 7.6, a 7.3, two 7.0 and two 6 pounders. And we never even moved the boat!

Beyond the fishing, everything at the lodge lived up to expectations, and the guides and camp staff could not have been more accommodating or fun to interact with. You can be sure we’ll be returning to chase down those double digit hogs we didn’t quite nail this time (we probably did have one or two of those on among the many bass that wrapped us around the forest of stick-ups we were fishing!). A great trip overall, and good value received.

Ray Shull (Tennessee) Al Putre (New York)

Jeff Nelson
El Salto: “If you want an unbelievable adventure, then this is the place to go.”

I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful experience that I had on Lake El Salto at Ron Speed’s Camp. It was the trip of a life time for me. My partner and I boated 372 bass in 4 days of fishing. While neither of us managed to get a double digit fish in the boat, we definitely had a couple on. Our largest fish was my 8lb 4oz beauty and my partner boated a 7lb 6oz, 7lb 8oz, and a 7lb 11oz for the 4 days of fishing. The majority of our fish ranged from 3lbs to 5lbs. I have never felt bass that are this strong, 3lb fish commonly stripping drag and violent aerial assaults on our topwater baits. If you want an unbelievable adventure, then this is the place to go. We had 21 guys on the trip and as a total we boated 916 on day 1, 927 on day 2, 927 on day 3, and 1068 black bass on day 4. It is truly bass heaven.

I know the concerns about traveling to Mexico, but I want to assure you, that we have not had any problems whatsoever. This was my second year and I have never felt unsafe at all. We are met at the Mazatlan Airport by Jorge and they load the comfortable vans with our gear, then to our usual stop by the local Wal-mart type store for last minute necessities, then a stop at our favorite Tamale Shop, and then driven straight to Ron’s place on El Salto for the unbelievable fishing. Again, I have felt totally safe the entire time in Mexico.

In closing I would just like to thank Lupe and his staff for the wonderful job. They take care of our every need, from 3 cooked meals a day to room service, and to the wonderful guides for catering to our every need. Next years trip is already on the schedule.

Jeff Nelson

Kenneth D. Higginbotham
“can’t get this stupid grin off of my face”

I just returned from El Salto after a four day fishing trip. My hands are sore my left elbow is stiff and I can’t get this stupid grin off of my face. I caught over 200 fish up to 6lbs 2ozs. I lost a couple of larger fish when they wrapped me around some of the stick ups. I did see both of them and the guide estimated them to be close to 10 lbs each judging by the size of their mouth and head. I was able to go to El Salto the same time of year last year for three days and was hoping to match the 97 fish I caught then. As you see I doubled that amount with just one additional day of fishing. The guides were great, the food was plentiful and very good. The hospitality could not have been more gracious. I try to fish 20 or 25 weekends a year around East Texas lakes and at the rate of fish catching I do in Texas it would take me almost 3 years of fishing to catch the number of fish I caught in the 4 days I spent at El Salto. One of the side benefits of catching so many fish in such a short time is the experience you gain. In Texas I might catch 8 to 10 fish a day on a C-Rig. At El Salto I would catch 50 fish on a C-Rig a day. Nothing helps your feel and confidence in a fishing technique like catching fish as frequently as you do on El Salto. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a trip of a lifetime tell them to call me about a trip to El Salto with Ron Speed Adventures. If they can go when you are there that’s even better.

If anyone is concerned about their safety I have been twice now and would not hesitate to go again tomorrow. The short plane ride from DFW to Mazatlan and the short van ride to the camp was as pleasant and secure as any trip in the DFW/Houston area.

Thanks you for getting me involved in this great experience in Mexico.

Kenneth D. Higginbotham

Mike Kizer
El Salto trip January 28 to Feb 1, 2012.

Thanks to J&J guide service for setting up the trip with Ron Speed Adventures. It was a treat to have the opportunity to fish in such a place!!

The views were scenic, the accommodations were great, the camp staff was friendly and helpful, the guides handled the boats very well allowing every opportunity to catch fish and of course the fishing was fantastic! I lost track of the number of fish we actually caught in 3 days. We did our best to keep track with the guides keeping count for us. Well over 400 bass in the boat according to guide counts. So many 4 -6 pound fish I lost track. A handful above 7’s and 3 above 8. I went through a bunch of soft plastics. Great fishing is the short description.

As far as the travel part of the trip……..The air travel was quick and convenient with a direct flight just over 2 hours from Dallas to Mazatlan. The ground transportation was waiting with cold drinks and a friendly helpful driver who spoke nearly perfect english. A short 90 minutes in a very comfortable chevy full size van and we were at camp. Camp was like staying at the holiday inn but in a pretty place with a staff who actually took care of you. Clean rooms, hot showers, good food, a bar built in a big tree, satellite tv and wi fi……I can’t imagine what else we needed.

Most important, contrary to the media hype…..there were no security issues. I will go back and do it again soon!

Thanks again J&J!
Mike Kizer
Service Center Leader

Laurie Clark
Testimonial from a fisherman’s wife!

I had to say goodbye to my oceanview room in Mazatlan, yesterday. Sure am going to miss the sound of the waves. Had a great time. Ron and Barry fished for most of the week, then joined us in town for a few days. Deb and I played, toured several places, spent a bunch of time walking the beach and talking. What a great vacation! Will post picures soon. Contrary to all the bad news hype, we were as safe as can be. We met a lot of Americans and Canadians who had been there a few weeks and said they had encountered no problems. We saw a lot of elderly (70’s and 80’s elderly) walking around in the evening and the daytime. No one was mugged, shot or otherwise bothered. The people of Mazatlan were wonderful so don’t believe the sensationalism of the media. I’d go back anytime and feel totally safe.

Laurie Clark

Jack Harmon
Thanks to J. W. Peterson for arranging great RSA trip

I want say “thank you” for arranging such a great trip for my group this year. We have done many trips over the years and I have to rank this trip very high on the list. This trip resulted in the most fish I have ever caught on any water. It was great to eat good, sleep good and, fish, fish, fish! I feel that everyone at the camp along the fishing guides worked very hard to ensure that we had a good time and that everything ran like clockwork. The food was very good and Loupe kept everyone entertained. We all felt totally at home and there was no issues with security or safety. I already have customers asking to come next year and they will pay their own way! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Thanks Again,
Jack Harmon
North Carolina

John W. Ackley
JW Peterson, GREAT host on RSA trip

Thanks for being a GREAT host on out trip to El Salto. You were very helpful to keep us on track through the airport to the lodge. The fishing was excellent with over a 100 fish per day, that was a catching trip! The guides were top notch and very knowledgeable. There was never any fear of being safe on the trip to the lodge, at the lodge, or back for our nights stay in Mazatlan. The new rooms at the lodge were very nice. I will for sure be back for another great time!

John W. Ackley


Thanks for the pictures! Hard to believe that it was 2 weeks ago today that we met in Dallas/Fort Worth airport to start the most fantastic fishing adventure of my 80+ years. It takes a lot to make an old man dream. Yet, I have had 3 nights of dreaming of “setting the hooks” since we got back. I really can’t remember when I started bass fishing, probably 1940-1941. We had a lake in front of our home so I started with a rod and Shakespeare reel, then on to fly fishing. But, for those 70 years I never ever dreamed of catching so many bass. The fishing camp was fantastic, also. Lupe was a hoot, and Jorge and the rest couldn’t do enough for us. It just couldn’t have been more enjoyable unless I could have landed the 10+ pounder. I hope that I can live long enough to experience it once again. If you will, please pass this on to J.W. And, J.W. you did, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being excellent, you scored 11. Thanks for the trip.


Dan Toran
…the BEST BASS FISHING TRIP I have EVER been on!

“This is the BEST BASS FISHING TRIP I have EVER been on! The fishing was so good, number and size, I did not even need fish stories when I came home!!! The problem was, the numbers and size were so good, everyone thought they were “fish stories” as I related them!”

Safety was my wife’s concern before we left. I have to tell you, the thought never entered my mind once the trip started. From the efficiency of airport pick up in Mazatlan to transport and arrival at the lodge, all was great. Once at the lodge and on the lake, the serenity and peacefulness were amazing. No safety concerns what so ever. Back for a night in Mazatlan, same as any city in the US. Use common sense and stay with the activity and one is perfectly safe.

If JW Peterson is in charge, you have someone looking after every detail to be sure your trip is successful. You feel part of JW’s “family” as he oversees everything in your best interest.

The camp and lodge is clean and well run. Everything is on time; meals fine for the remote environment. Magaritas available and plentiful!!!

Mexican fishing guides were professional and efficient. They generally knew the spots to take you and were helpful on all matters. They don’t even bring their fishing rods. They are full time “all about you”!

LIFE IS GOOD if you are on Lake Salto at Ron Speed’s Adventures with JW Peterson!!! Life and bass fishing just don’t get any better than that!

Dan Toran
“A simple Virginia fisherman

Jimmy Beach
6th Visit to Mexico

My 6th visit to Mexico with Ron Speed and my friend, JW Peterson was “AWESOME”. In 4 days of fishing, our group of 22 folks caught over 5,200 bass. The fishing was great, the camp super, and the guides fun. Not one time did I ever feel threatened or insecure. I highly recommend the trip to anyone wanting to experience a true bass fishing “MECA”.

Jimmy Beach

Charles Van Pelt
awesome adventure

With some skepticism I have read many testimonials, watched several videos, and listen to stories about bass fishing in Mexico on lake El Salto. This January I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Lake El Salto with a group at Ron Speed Adventures and proved that everything I had been exposed to about this lake/outfitter couldn’t even come close to explaining what an awesome adventure this is!

From the flight down from Dallas, to the van ride to the camp with the roadside tamales and tacos, to the incredible fishing and camaraderie with all the guys fishing with us, it was an amazing time.

As far as the fishing , two of us caught between 98 and 200 bass every day we were there, my partners largest bass was 7.2lbs while we caught several between four and six pounds the largest for the entire group was 10lbs with three over nine pounds. I don’t believe there is any other place we could go to catch fish like this and have the opportunity for that next bite to be the largest bass you have ever caught in your life.

The camp was laid back and we had a hot meal ready for us when we woke up, got in from the morning fishing, and when we returned from fishing in the evening. “Eat Sleep Fish” where have you heard that before, well those guys must have gone fishing with Ron Speed Adventures to come up with that slogan.

Safety and security was never a question, I don’t think anyone from our group ever felt the least bit threatened at any point in our trip, from being at the airport at Mazatlan to spending the week at the fishing camp to returning to Mazatlan to our hotel and going out for dinner the last night we were there, it was all fantastic.

I hope to be able to return again and again to enjoy this great adventure.

Charles Van Pelt
Van Buren, AR

Robert J. Butt
Extra Mile Service

Hi Ron and Debbie,

I just returned from four days fishing with Ron Speed Adventures on Lake El Salto, and I wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful time. I also wanted to thank you for your extra effort in retrieving my tackle bag that was left in Los Angeles by Southwest Airlines. I know that they would never have sent it except for the work you did bringing it to me. That kind of customer service is rare, and is one of the reasons I will highly recommend you to all my bass fishing friends. Please feel free to use this e-mail in any way you wish, and if anyone wishes to contact me, please give them my e-mail address, and I will gladly put in a good word for your business. Again, thank you so much.


Robert J. Butt

Jim Prosser
El Salto Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this recommendation for anyone who is considering going to Ron Speed’s fishing camp on El Salto. I recently spent 3 days in January at the camp and it was a great experience. The lake has large fish and many of them and the guides work very hard to put you on fish.

The Camp itself was very well run and the camp managers went out of their way to keep everyone happy. What can be better than coming back from an afternoon of fishing and being handed a margarita as you walk off the boat and have nachos delivered to your door? The food was good and plentiful and overall everything was set up to be convenient for the guests.

I also have to commend the management team for Ron Speed — they took care of an issue for me that came up in a quick and professional manner. The trip went off without a hitch and during my stay at the camp and in Mazatlan I felt safe at all times. Overall I would highly recommend Ron Speed’s Camp at El Salto as a top fishing destination.


Jim Prosser

Chris Paisley
Chicago angler finds exceptional hospitality at El Salto camp


I wanted to follow up with you regarding our recent trip to lake El Salto. I absolutely had the best time fishing!! Even though we did not catch the numbers or sizes of other anglers, I learned a tremendous amount about bass fishing which was even more valuable to me as a bass angler. The guides are all very knowledgeable, and worked relentlessly to put us on fish. Their efforts are greatly appreciated! I did manage to catch a nice 6 ponder, which was a high lite of my trip (they just don’t get that big around the Chicago area).

I cant say enough about the great accomodations and people who work at the camp. Lupe was tremendous – a true asset to the entire experience. The man works his tail off to make sure everything is perfect for each angler. Omar made sure there were no problems getting to and from the camp – and the list goes on and on. Despite all of the fishing – I think I gained about 5 pounds on the trip the way we were fed!

Again – thank you so much for the wonderful experience – and thank you for taking care of the room at Sol Demar (you certainly didn’t need to do that).

I will definitely be returning at some point in the near future to fish El Salto and will be booking with Ron Speed Adventures.

Chris Paisley

Denny Brauer (Bass Pro)
EL SALTO CAMP — Security perfectly fine, camp updates very nice!

Hi I am Denny Brauer and I just wanted to give everyone a update on El Salto.

A large group of us went on a great trip to El Salto the first week of October. We hit the weather a little hot and the fishing a little tougher than normal, but it was still great. Lots of really good fish caught with several guys in our group catching the biggest bass of their life.

The new updates to the camp are fantastic and the new boats were also great. If you have never been before the food is first class and the guides work very hard to keep you on good fish.

I know many people have concerns about how safe Mexico is right now. We had absoulutely no issues and are already planning next years trip. We had some guys not go this year because of all the media focus on Mexico. Most have already said they are going next year. You can have a problem anywhere including your back yard. I feel totally comfortable going to El Salto and look forward to the next trip. I try to go at least once a year. Great experience.


Joe Earney


THANKS TO YOU….….AWESOME, AWESOME TRIP!!!!!— and all seven of the guys that came with me including myself caught the largest bass of their lifetime…. Just our group alone caught 5 fish over 9 pounds with Bryce besting all of us with an 11 lbs. 4 ozs., and 10 lbs. 4 ozs in the 4 days that we fished. My largest was 9 lbs. 14 ozs. Another highlight of my trip was the second day (175 fish) when David Riley and I brought 100 bass to the boat, by 11:30 and then the guide and I went out that afternoon and caught another 75 (including my big bass), along with probably another 30 that threw the rattle trap….a truly awesome day—-even caught a Tilapia too……Included below is a picture of the bruises I endured from setting the hook and fighting so many fish-(probably hard for anyone to ever believe, but the bruises were real) …..but not complaining and ready to be bruised up again. Lupae, and Omar did a fantastic job in managing the camp amenities. The flight down and everything else just went so smoothly. Food and accommodations were great and truly a great group of guides. Needless to say, I am ready to go again!!!!!…so just say when….and count me in.!!! AGAIN THANKS

Joe Earney

Jeff Miller
Brazil Bass Fishing, We’ll Be Back!


Just wanted to let you know that my son and I enjoyed this trip beyond our wildest dreams. We are already talking to friends and family about our experience so that we can put together a trip like we just had again next year or as soon thereafter as possible. The fishing was tremendous, only someone that has been before could understand what it is like. The best that I have been able to come up with is “if you stand next to the highway with a heavy action rod, a reel spooled with 80 lb. braid with a top water bait that has 4X strong treble hooks; and you make a cast, hooks onto the bumper of a passing car, then just hold on with everything that you have.”

We were treated like royalty from the beginning to the end. Gilberto and his staff were great. Guides worked their tails off. Without a doubt, the Otter was the most luxurious big boat on the river.

Thanks again for making this trip possible for Jared and I, we will never forget this experience. Even with the economy being the way it is right now, somehow, someway, we will be back!

Jeff Miller
Norman, OK

Brett Langlois
In awe of fishing experience on Lake El Salto

Hi Ron,
It is Sunday June 14, and I’m still in awe of our fishing experience on Lake El Salto last week! Tommy and I had the time of our lives, as we were consistently treated with the utmost respect from Lupe and the staff, and the guides alike. The fishing was incredibly productive, and we now are proud to boast of our double digit catches! I just wanted to write and express our heartfelt thanks to you, and your team, for providing us with the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you. We met Drew Daniel, and he was instrumental in our success, as he was quick to point out helpful tips, and provide us with information which enabled us to enjoy our stay even more. The food was exceptional, the cabins cozy, and the guides were on their “A” games. Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch with Ms. Debbie soon to book our return trip for next year!

Best Regards, Brett Langlois
Baton Rouge, LA

Carl H. Welborn Jr.
My Dad’s Fondest Fishing Memory

“My Dad recently passed away after a long illness. We miss him dearly of course, but are also thankful that he is no longer suffering. Nearly everyone who knew him has made some sort of comment that surely he was fishing in heaven now. For my Dad, I truly believe he felt fishing in heaven was the trip he made with Ron Speed Adventures to fish for peacock bass in Brazil several years ago. He spoke of that trip frequently like an excited child at Christmas. I was supposed to join him but regrettably the ship I was on at the time was diverted and I had to miss it (although he & I later fished together with you at Lake Huites a couple times). I lived the trip after-the-fact though through my Dad’s stories and photos.”

“Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my Dad’s life. I hope to join you in Brazil myself one of the days.”

All the best!
Carl H. Welborn Jr.
The Woodlands, TX

Ish Monroe
Peacock Bass Fishing

“My trip with Ron Speed Adventures to Brazil was the most incredible fishing trip I have ever experienced; I can not explain what the fight is like on a 21 lb. Peacock bass. All I can say is go try it! ”

Ish Monroe – Bassmaster Elite Series Champion


My son Scott Murray and I spent 4 great days at your lodge on El Salto lake between the two of us we caught well over 350 bass the largest being 8lbs. The guides did a great job it took some getting use to being pampered but it was great. We had Victor, Chelo, Armando JR and Juan all of them keep us in fish and were fun. I want to offer a special thanks to Lupe he went above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable everything was great and we plan on returning every chance we get.
Thank You!!!!!!!!
Eddie Murray
Sr. Manager Exhibit Services

Sam King
Mexico Trip

Ron….just a note to thank you for the great adventure for our lucky angler at our recent Dreams come True bass classic — with proceeds to children with life-threatening diseases. It was one of the highlights of the day…we deeply appreciate your generous offering…I told all the anglers what great accomodations, meals and fishing they were in store for.

And, by the way, how have you been doing? Hope fishing is great. Tell Charlie hello for me.

Thanks Again
Sam King


comments: Ron,

I was “talked into the trip” a year ago. I booked and went with JW Petersons group in January to Comadero. Certainly I was excited about going but knew there was no way it was as good as my buddy Butch was telling me it was. Wow was I wrong!!! From the time we were picked up to the time we left the entire experience was nothing short of awesome. We boated a fish over 9lbs every day with our fourth day bringing 4 fish over 8 lbs and my largest…a 10.5 pound chunk…next cast an 8lb chunk! 160 fish our last day with none under 2 lbs…it was unreal! The food, the lake, the people…one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you to JW and everyone on our trip!! This will be a regular trip for me!





comments: I just returned from Lake Commodero fishing with JW Peterson and his group. Omar, Jorge, and the rest of the staff, guides, and cooks were phenominal. Everyone went out of their way to ensure that our trip was fantastic. It helped of course that I caught my personal best bass at 10lbs and 3 oz. JW and I caught great fish everyday, and this trip will always be one of my best memories. I have already committed to go again for the 6th time next January. Until then, I will count the days.
Jimmy Beach


comments: Charlie & Ron
WHAT A TRIP!!!!!!!!!!! All you have to do is read the report
for Jan 22-25. JW Peterson and the guys(Omars group) out did their self this year. Thanks to them this was a trip I will never forget.
Butch Cernosek


comments: 1-29-08
Let me begin by saying WOW! This was without a doubt the trip of a lifetime. Ive been fishing for several years now and think I caught more fish in four days than I have in four years. Thanks to all who put in numerous hours in preparation to make all this possible. JW Peterson of J&J Guide Service at Lake Fork did an outstanding job preparing me for this trip. To be honest hearing these stories from a guide kinda made me wonder, but let me be the first to admit, he was right! Even thought I’ve been back for three days now my lipping thumb still needs a little rest from unhooking 100+ bass a day. I was told by many if you dont want to go a second time, never go a first and once again they’re right. My countdown has officially begun, just a little under a year ad I’ll be back at what in now considered my favorite fishery in the world.

Matt France


comments: Returned Jan. 26 from four days at Comedero, my husband and I landed 325 and drug 100 more. Your personal were great and we devoured the food. J W Peterson made our trip easy and we want to go again. P.S. We want to verify an 8.4 and a 10LB bass for our guide,David, on Jan 25,-08. We had camera problems.. Sandy Russell

Don Gann
Great Trip (to Brazil)

I just got back from the January 12th trip with Bill Moore and it was fantastic. Jimmy Smith and his group were a great bunch of guys too.

You have put together a 1st class operation and I greatly appreciate it.

I can’t wait to go back.


Don Gann
COO, Classic Hydrocarbons, Inc.

Ronnie Alexander
El Salto Fishing Trip

I’m sorry it has taken so long to say thanks, but things have been crazy here in Afghanistan since Ive been back, and I have been in the field for the past 2 months without much Internet time. I just wanted to say thanks for me and my wife and father-n-law. The El Salto fishing trip was one of the best fishing experiences I had in my life and I will always be thankful for the chance to go and the wonderful staff and accommodations y’all provided. We are building us a place in Mazatlan and look forward to fishing with y’all again as much as we can. I caught a 300 lb Blue Marlin [click for picture] and am having it replicated. I would like to plan another trip in the near future for my son before he deploys to Iraq with the Marine Corps. As soon as I get a firm date I will email you to schedule.
Thank you once again.Tell everyone we appreciate it.


Dear Guys,
Just want to thank you for a wonderful trip to the Amazon last week. Gilbert’s new boat is great! He and his staff were top-notch and we appreciated all their efforts in making this a memorable trip. Please extend our thanks to Gilbert, Carlos, and the staff for a job well done. We hope to return for another exciting adventure in the future and we will be sure to book it through you and tell all our friends about your excellent service should they be looking to take a first class fishing trip.

Should you need anyone to call me for a recommendation, please do not hesitate to send them my way via e-mail or telephone. I highly recommend Ron Speed Adventures.

Thanks again for a memorable trip.

Richard Garick

Tom & Jim Schultz
Fishing Report Totals for Lake El Salto

Jim’s Totals Tom’s Totals
1 – 3 1/2# Fish —-100 163 Fish
4 – 5 1/2# Fish —-16 28 Fish
6 – 6 1/2# Fish —-11 14 Fish
7 – 7 1/2# Fish —- 3 4 Fish
8 – 8 1/2# Fish —- 3 2 Fish
9 – 9 1/2# Fish —- 4 7 Fish
10 – 10 1/2# Fish — 2 4 Fish
11 – 11 1/2# Fish — 1 0 Fish
12 – 12 1/2# Fish — 0 3 Fish
13 – 13 1/2# Fish — 2 1 Fish
14 – 14 1/2# Fish — 1 1 Fish
Totals 144 227

Jim’s 5 Biggest Fish for 3 Days Tom’s 5 Biggest Fish for 3 Days
10# 12# 6 oz.
11# 12# 8 oz.
13# 12# 9 oz.
13# 2 oz. 13# 2 oz.
14# 2 oz. 14# 2 oz.
Totals 61# 4 oz. 65# 7 oz.
For a 12# Average For a 13# Average

For a 1/2 day of fishing on the 7th day of the trip (the day we went home) Tom had an unbelievable day on the water that was videoed. (Guided by Armando Rodriguez, Sr.)
9# 8oz.Fish
9# 8 oz. Fish
12# 3 oz. Fish
13# 2 oz. Fish
14# 2 oz. Fish
——— For an 11# Average

Totally Awesome Day of my Life for 1/2 Day of Fishing
This was a totally awesome trip!

Tom & Jim Schultz
Fishing Report for Lake El Salto Mexico

Tom & Jim Schultz here. Again and again, Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for a phenomenal trip. I was told last year that I could never duplicate the catch, well this old Yankee Boy doubled last years catch and shared his knowledge with six of your other guests who never caught a ten pounder before. I believe they all caught one. One of the guests named Ernie caught four in one afternoon. When I left I gave them the rest of my crankbaits that we caught all the fish on so they could catch some more. That’s all their travel Agency told them to bring was plastic baits. Heck I couldn’t use those baits in an airplane. Ron, you know the best part all these guys will return to your camp. You staff was wonderful as always. Lupi is worth his weight in gold as Armond Sr. is. Please take a look at the attachment. Once I get all my pictures on a CD I’ll send them to you if you want them. Let me know. Thank you and your staff again and God Bless You All.

Lee Coe
Terrific El Salto Trip

The camp at El Salto is super. It was my first trip to Mexico and it was one I will be thinking about for a long time. Your people made us feel right at home. The cabins were comfortable and clean. The food was super and the fishing was the best I have ever experienced. The guides were friendly and knew the lake well. The ladies in the Texas office were friendly and helpful. I am looking forward to fishing with you guys next year. Your camp and staff are First Class.

Eric Webster
El Salto Trip

Best top water bite I ever had for 4-6 lb fish (unbelievable). Best trip I ever had. This was my third trip.

Excellent guides – Manuel and Oscar. Both guides know lake very well. Water level was full. Guides knew where underwater structure was.

Excellent food and host. Just a Great Trip!

Paul David Murrey
Feb 8 trip

Ron, to answer your questions we had plenty of good refreshments. The food was good and probably better than last year. The manager was in complete control and pleasant about everything. We were all happy with our trip. I ask our group if there was one thing that they would suggest you improve on. Everyone agreed the seats in the boats need to be fixed or replaced but that would not keep anyone from going back again.

It is amazing to me that anyone could go in the deep mountains away from civilization and find nice accommodations like you have available.


P.S. Thanks for taking care of Jesús. He proved to be a great guide. Please let him know I sent you the photo if you can.

Paul David Murrey
February Trip

To answer your questions we had plenty of good refreshments. The food was good and probably better than last year. The manager was in complete control and pleasant about everything. We were all happy with our trip. I ask our group if there was one thing that they would suggest you improve on. Everyone agreed the seats in the boats need to be fixed or replaced but that would not keep anyone from going back again.

It is amazing to me that anyone could go in the deep mountains away from civilization and find nice accommodations like you have available.

Bob Berger and Lonnie Dunn
February 2004 Comedero Trip

Really enjoyed our trip to Comedero on Feb 7 thru 9. We were even lucky enough to get our names on the “Report” all three days.

I do want to praise the job Omar did — he is a first rate individual.

Pictures! (editor: Click Here to see the following photos in a separate window!)

2/7: Bob Berger with 9.3 lb on lizard in 20′ of water. Rod snapped on hookset and had to be landed hand-over-hand! Guide Gilberto.

2/8: Lonnie Dunn with 9.4 lb on lizard in 25′ of water with Guide Nato.

Bob Berger
Lonnie Dunn

Larry Standridge
February 2004 El Salto Trip

Had a great trip to El Salto. I got a 9.2. It was caught, I think, on 2-4-04. The guide shot a digital photo of it. Lupe said you guys would send me a copy of the photo via email. Can you do this?

Also, can you send me some lit on the Peacock trips.

JW Peterson
Early February 2004 Comedero Trip

The trip was great. I will have a full report for you on Monday and I will call you. Joe Waldrop and I on Friday caught 75 Bass with an average of 5-6 lbs. Joe caught a 9 and I caught a 13.8 on Texas rigged Lizards. Lost three Bass that were as big or Bigger in the same spot. Had to come home but didn’t want to. Report on Monday.

Al Viles
El Salto, “Best Trip Ever To Mexico”

As you know our group just got back from El Salto, and we had a great time. It was probably our best trip ever to Mexico. We caught some really nice quality fish and quite a few of them. Loupe did a super job and the guides were very good.

Robert J. Butt
El Salto Fishing Excellent Despite Talapia Nets

I haven’t had a chance to talk to you since my trip to El Salto on March 4-8. I just wanted to say that that trip was fantastic! The hosts and the guides were excellent, knowledgable, and friendly. The food was very good, and the fishing (the important part) was the best I have ever experienced. Every day, I caught at least one fish over five pounds, and hooked and lost the largest fish I have ever hooked (it broke the bill of the crankbait!!). That lake must hold the largest ratio of big fish to fish I have ever experienced. Every fish I caught was a great fighter, and almost every place the guides took us held fish. The only drawback was the Talapia nets, because the lake was down they seemed to be everywhere. I will definitely return to Lake El Salto in the near future. Thank you for everything.

Frank Pearce
Honesty Of “Ron’s Fishing Tips”

Thanks Ron for your honest assessment. It’s nice to have someone give you the straight information even though they have a financial interest at stake.

Al Brooks
Lake Huites Bass Club, Fishing Reports

Had a great 5 days fishing at Huites 3-7 March out of Lake Huites Bass Club. Your fishing reports have lots of mistakes, but in general they reflect the overall quantity and quality of the fishing.

Good service, good food and great fishing!

Mickey and Sandra Wilson
A Very Memorable Adventure

A note to let you know how very much Mickey and I enjoyed the peacock bass fishing on the Rio Negro Feb 16-23. I just pulled up your web site and found the pictures of our group that you had posted! Some beautiful fish! I forwarded your web site address to all of my family and friends so they will be checking it out!

Peacock Bass Fishing has been a dream of ours for quite a few years and your organization allowed us to experience that dream! I was totally surprised as to how well I managed the trip. I love to fish so the long hours were not too difficult. I fish Table Rock with a spinning reel so I did have some adjusting for the first couple of days, learning to work that wood chopper! I finally got coordinated enough to get the rhythm. I will practice before the next trip!

We were extremely pleased with all aspects of the trip. Your staff was wonderful! Gilbert was so gracious to explain many things about the country and the culture.

JW Peterson
Comedero – Great Trip With RSA

The February trip to Comedero was a Great trip. Just about everyone caught or had a great chance to catch a trophy Bass. Many fishermen on this trip caught their largest Bass ever. The weather was a little unusual for this time of year in Mexico and it caused the morning fishing to be a little slow but as the day moved on, the fishing picked up and the Monster Bass were back on the move. On this trip I averaged about 40-55 quality Bass per day with many of them in the 5-8 lb class and the largest we boated was a 10 & 11 3/4. There were a bunch of Big Bass caught and at times the fish were so strong that getting them through the brush was just about impossible and as you know I do this just about every day. Late Wednesday evening I had one of the biggest explosions on a Top Water Bait that I have ever seen. It even surprised Pablo and by the time it was over the Big Bass had pulled the hooks out of my Chug Bug. We had numbers of 7’s,8’s and 9’s and as a group we boated 10-12 Bass.

Vernon Grizzard
Comedero – Good Trip Despite Slow Fishing

We had a really good trip even though the fishing was slow. I thought all 3 guides we had were very good. The camp was in good condition and we are looking forward to going again. The food was better than the last two trips and they had some Coronitas for us to drink. Peter had never been bass fishing before and he caught 13 the last day with a 7 lb. fish caught along with a 6 and a 5. Not bad for a first timer.