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A Great Heritage

The best fishing outfitter in North America

Ron Speed Sr.

Ron Speed Jr’s dad, Ron Speed is probably the best known international fisherman, fishing guide, and outfitter in the world. Ron Sr. established a proud reputation for outfitting and entertaining American fishermen for 40-plus years in Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Yucatan, and Venezuela. Ron Speed appeared in over 150 television shows featuring his dream bass fishing trips to remote locations. Ron was also featured in Sports Afield, In-Fisherman, BassMaster, Anglin, North American Fisherman, Nitro boats Catalog, Sporting Classics, Dallas Morning News, Austin Statesman, San Antonio Express, Dan Causey’s Fishing Report, Times Picayune, Louisiana Advocate, Houston Chronicle, Tulsa World, Arkansas Gazette, Bass Times, plus several T.V. fishing infomercials.

If you have never read some of Ron Sr’s stories about the early days of international fishing, treat yourself to one of the short series he wrote a few years ago: How This Guide Almost Swam With the Fishes.

When Ron Sr. retired, he was in the enviable position of having family who could take over the business. Ron Speed, Jr. had been running his own parallel outfitting service for over twenty years when he formed a new company: Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures, LLC. The transition has been smooth, with very little change in guides, accommodations, and home staff.

Our Focus

Bass Fishing in Mexico with the best North American fishing outfitter

Ron Speed Jr (left) with longtime pal Jimmy Houston

Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures, LLC specializes in fishing the very best remote lakes, rivers, and lagoons in North and South America. Ron’s 36-plus years of hands-on experience assures you of a successful bass fishing adventure. While Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures does sometimes partner with non-fishing outfitters, Ron feels that if any given outfitter tries to do hunting, bill-fishing, deer hunting and offer dozens of different trips, it can not do a good job. For that reason, Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures, LLC focuses on the very best fishing with excellent “hands-on” service.

Anglers can be assured when they take a Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures trip that they are definitely going with the very, very best in the business. Ron’s 36-plus years’ experience assures that your dream trip will come true. “Go with the Best!”