Brazil Fishing Reports

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Uatama/Jatapu Oct 4 – Oct.13th

After 2 days of fishing they have caught 204 peacocks with 7 over 10 lbs 7 over 15lbs and 2 20lbers.

After 3 days of fishing: 324 with 24 over 10lbs  12 over 15lbs and 3 over 20lbs with the biggest being 23lbs

Day 4 393 with 30 over 10lbs  13 over 15lbs and still just 4 over 20 lbs


Final numbers  were 526 total

46 over 10 lbs

17 over 15 lbs

6 over 20lbs

The biggest being 23 1/2 lbs

Uatama/Jatapu Sept 27-Oct 6,2013

492 total Peacocks with 43 over 10lbs 9 over 15lbs and one over 20lbs it being a 21 top was Keampfer Peacock Special ( prop. Top Water) Lhur Jensen Big Game Wood Chopper (Prop. Top water) in Fire Tiger and Black back orange body.X-Rap SRX-14 in Bunker color. Water leel falling 6″ per day and is now near perfect foe fishing.


455 is the number of peacocks our 10 anglers have managed to boat.  Of this number they have 16 over 10 lbs, 3 over 15 lbs, with a 19 lber as their largest.  There is still a day and a half to fish.