Denny Brauer & Rory Pasley – MO    Denny & Rory had a good day of fishing with 40 bass including an 8.13 lber and a 9.9 lb beauty.  They fished 1-10 ft deep with watermelon red frogs, and chrome/blue red eye shad.  Guide Sanchez

Robert Richardson & Marty Stawizyski – GA & MO    Robert & Marty also had 40 bass today with a 7 lber as their largest.  They fished in 1-2 ft of water with 5″ shad flukes.  Guide Hector

Johnny & Cliff Azevedo – CA     Johnny and Cliff fished white spinner baits in 1-5 ft of water.  They landed only 13 bass but that total included a 7 lber and two 8 lbers.  Guide Jorge

Other anglers fished 18+ ft with 10″ green-blue worms: green pumpkin flukes & Senkos in 4-15 ft of water: tilapia flukes in 1-3 ft of water, and 8″ green pumpkin lizards in 5-10 ft of water.  

76 degrees at 5am warming to 88 at 11:30am.  Partly cloudy morning but sunny in the afternoon.