Tom Thompson & Tony Turr – CA     Tom and Tony had only 5 bass for the day, but their total included a 13.8 lb trophy caught by Tom.  They fished 8″ pumpkin lizards in 8+ ft of water.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Jim Collins & John Gibbs – CO    Fishing white spinner baits in 1-5 ft of water, Jim & John landed 9 bass for the day including a nice 8.8 lber.  Guide Armando, Jr.

Terry Mitchell & James Warship – CA    Terry & James had 18 bass for the day.  They fished 8″ watermelon red lizards in 10 ft of water.  Their largest weighed 6.8 lbs.   Guide J. Manuel

Other anglers fished pumpkin Senkos in 1-5 ft of water, green worms in 1-10 ft of water, and 6″ watermelon worms in 10 ft of water.

54 degrees at 4am.  It was 72 degrees at 6:30pm.