Tom Fitton & Bill McDaniel – AR    Tom & Bill had 49 bass with an 8 lb beauty.  They fished red, and yellow/black poppers in 1-10 ft of water.  Guide J. Manuel

Scott Johnston & Dale Smith – AR    Scott fished alone in the morning using shad colored flukes.  He had a 7 lber.  Dale joined Scott for the afternoon fishing.  They fished yellow/black Pop R’s in 1-10 ft of water.   Guide German

Ron Richardson & Dale Smith – AR     Ron & Dale fished together in the morning.  They used Texas rigged watermelon lizards in 10+ ft of water.  They had 25 bass.  Ron fished alone in the afternoon with a 5″ green shad minnow in 2-10 ft of water.  He had 11 bass with a 6 lber as his largest.   Guide German in the morning and Ron had Enrique in the afternoon.

Slightly cooler in the morning, but warming up to 80 at 12:15pm.