Kris Ball & Justin McCabe – TX     Kris & Justin had 65 bass that they caught using chrome/black Rat-L-Traps in 1-8 ft of water.   Guide German

Russell & Becky Spark – TX   Russell & Becky fished watermelon red flukes and Senkos in 1-8 ft of water.  They landed 61 bass.   Guide Pedro

Ron Sherwood – AR    Ron fished alone and had 57 bass for the day.  He used white Chug Bugs and Carolina rigged 8″ watermelon lizards up to 20 ft deep in the morning, and then fished the lizards and blue/chrome Rat-L-Traps in the afternoon.   Guide Oscar

It was 54 degrees at 5am warming to 78 by noon.

Lake El Salto is at 60.8% full.