Justin Baker & Ralton Baker – AL    Justin & Ralton fished 8″ watermelon lizards in 5-15 ft of water.   They totaled 143 bass with a 6.8 lber as their largest of the day.  Guide Victor

Ron Clark & Barry Holt – AL    Ron & Barry fished in 20 ft of water with white spinnerbaits.  Their largest bass was 7.1 lbs.  Guide German

Danny Hardy & Kevin Pace – AL    White/chartreuse spinnerbaits were the bait of choice for Danny & Kevin.  They fished in 1-10 ft of water.  130 bass was their total for the day, with a 6.1 lber as their largest.   Guide Felipe

Other anglers fished in 5+ ft of water with blue/white spinnerbaits and citrus Rat-L-Traps.

Boats totaled 580 bass for the day.