David Halmark & Chris Campbell – AL    David & Ronnie had 57 bass including a 9 lb beauty.  They fished using 8″ Zoom watermelon lizards, and Pop R’s in 3-15 ft of water.  Guide Pedro

Ronnie Campbell & Ray Rickard – AL    Ronnie & Ray had 83 bass including 7 & 8 lbers.  They fished watermelon Pig Jigs and green Senkos in 8+ ft of water.   Guide Armando, Jr.

John Carosh & Rob Hedges – AR    John & Rob fished 1/2 day and landed 30 bass.  Their largest bass weighed in at 9 lbs.   Their bait of choice was silver/green Pop R’s in 1-5 ft of water.   Guide Oscar

Other anglers fished using Rat-L-Traps in chrome, blue/chrome, red/white; green pumpkin jigs, black/blue jigs; pearl flukes; and white spinnerbaits.  Boat totals for anglers fishing all day ranged from 57-138 bass. 

62 degrees at 5am, warming to 80 at noon.