Brad Hickey & Jeff Davis – TX     Brad & Jeff fished 8″ watermelon red lizards in 12 ft of water.  They had 40 bass for the day.  Guide Jorge

Jimmie Manley – AR     Jimmie fished alone and had 45 bass for the day.  He fished chartreuse pepper Senkos in 1-5 ft of water.  Guide J. Manuel

Charlie Jock & Bryan Ainsworth – TX    Charlie & Bryan fished chrome/blue Rat-L-Traps in 1-10 ft of water.  They had 25 bass for the day.  Guide Victor

Other baits used included 8″ watermelon lizards in 10-15 ft of water and wacky rigged green Senkos in 3-8 ft of water.  Numbers of fish landed have improved slightly.

52 degrees at 4am warming to 80 at 11:30am.