Clarence Whiting – TN    Clarence fished chartreuse spinner baits and sexy shad crank baits in 1-10 ft of water.  He landed 75 bass including a 9 lb beauty.   Guide Pedro

Dan Coassolo & Ralph Fierros – ID & AZ    Dan & Ralph fished chartreuse/white and chartreuse/green spinner baits in 1-6 ft of water.  They two fish over 7 lbs.  Their total catch numbered 130 bass.   Guide Oscar

Don Jackson & Mike St. Clair – MS & CA    Don & Mike landed the most bass for the day with a total of 150.  They fished 8″ watermelon lizards in 5-20 ft of water, and chartreuse/blue crank baits in 3-6 ft of water.   Guide Armando, Jr.

Other anglers fished blue flake baby brush hogs in 3-10 ft of water, 8″ chartreuse lizards in 6+ ft of water, white spinner baits in 6+ ft of water, and silver/chartreuse top water baits in 6+ ft of water.  Our ten anglers had a total of 603 bass for the day.

50 degrees at 5am warming to 80 at noon.  60 at 9pm.