J.W. Peterson & Jaime Beach – TX   J.W. & Jaime fished white spinnerbaits in 1-5 ft of water.  They had 59 bass including an 11 lb. trophy.  Guide Armando, Sr.

David Hallmark – AL    David fished alone and had 24 bass.  He landed a 10.6 lber using a big pumpkin spinnerbait.  He also used jigs and white spinnerbaits.     Guide Enrique

Dave Albert & Dave Strahan – TX      Dave & Dave fished green pumpkin jigs and white spinnerbaits in 12 ft of water.  They had 60 bass with an 8.4 lber as their largest.  Guide German

Anglers also used Zara Super Spooks, chrome/blue Rat-L-Traps, blue topped Chug Bugs, 8″ watermelon red, and watermelon candy lizards,and lime green Senkos.

54 degrees at 5am warming to 78 at 1pm.