Joey Wimberly & Jack Langston – AL    Joey & Jack fished watermelon lizards in 5+ ft of water, and citrus crank baits in 1-10 ft of water.  They had 110 bass for the day.  Their 2 largest weighed in at 6.8 and 7.9 pounds.  Guide Jorge

Sharon Nafe & Dick Starnes – TX    Sharon & Dick had 95 bass.  They fished in 10-12 ft of water with watermelon lizards and watermelon red brush hogs.   Guide Armando

Roger Schofield & Monty Yeager – AL    Fishing in 5+ ft of water with Texas rigged watermelon lizards and Texas rigged watermelon Senkos, Roger & Monty a total of 97 bass.  Their largest weighed in at 6.6 lbs.  Guide Enrique

Other anglers fished sexy shad spinner baits in 5+ ft of water, Carolina rigged watermelon lizards in 1-10 ft of water, black/blue worms in 10 ft of water, wacky rigged watermelon red Senkos in 2-10 ft of water, white Pop R’s in 5 ft of water, and white spinner baits in 5 ft of water.  Daily total for all boats – 588 bass.

50 degrees at 4am warming to 80 at noon.  80 at 5pm.