Richard Noble & Wendell Cook – CO & AZ       Richard & Wendell fished in 5-10 ft of water with white spinnerbaits and black/blue jigs.  They had 62 bass with an 8.6 as their largest.  Guide Jorge

Jason Cook & Barry Matlack – AZ      Jason & Barry had 75 bass including an 8.4 lber.  They fished watermelon red Senkos in 1-10 ft of water and black/blue jigs in 4-12 ft of water.  Guide Armando, Sr.

Joel Pearson & Anna Prete – British Columbia, Canada      Joel & Anna had 118 bass for the day.  They fished 10″ ribbon tailed worms in 10+ ft of water, and chrome/black Rat-L-Traps in 9-10 ft of water.    Guide Juan

62 degrees at 4:30am warming to 72 at 12:30pm.  Cloudy in the morning but turning sunny in the afternoon.