Troy Downs & Rod Anthony – TX & LA     Troy & Rod fished watermelon lizards in 5+ ft of water.  They had a total of 106 bass including a 10.11 lb trophy that Troy landed.  Guide Armando

Tony Cox & Curt Rogers – TX     Tony & Curt had 128 bass for the day.  They fished tilapia Rat-L-Traps in 10 ft of water, and green/white Rat-L-Traps in 4+ ft of water.  Guide Sanchez

Wayne Hughes & Andy Cox – TX     Wayne & Andy fished in 10 ft of water with watermelon lizards, and in 10+ ft of water with citrus crank baits.  They had 111 bass.   Wayne had a nice 8.8 lber.    Guide Hector

Other anglers fished watermelon jigs in 3-12 ft of water, chartreuse spinner baits in 5+ ft of water, Texas rigged watermelon lizards in 5+ ft of water, and watermelon red lizards and brush hogs in 2-10 ft of water.  Our 9 anglers had a total of 551 bass for the day.

56 degrees at 4:30am warming to 76 at noon.