Sammy Morris & Mike Cameron – TX    Mike & Sammy had a great day of fishing with Sammy landing a 13.4 lb trophy and Mike landing a 9.4 lb beauty.  They had a total of 50 bass for the day.  Sammy caught his bass on a watermelon/chartreuse fluke in 1-14 ft of water.  Mike’s fish was also caught on a fluke that was watermelon colored.  Guide Armando, Jr.

Tommy Hunt – AR    Tommy fished alone and had a total of 24 bass including a nice 8.1 lber.  He fished in 10+ ft of water with a citrus crankbait.   Guide J. Manuel

Dave Albert & David Strahan –  AR & TX    Dave & David landed the most fish for the day with a total of 67 with their largest weighing in at 6 lbs..  The fished watermelon flukes in 10-12 ft of water.  Guide Jorge.

Other anglers fished watermelon red lizards in depths from 2-15 ft; Carolina rigged watermelon seed and watermelon/chartreuse flukes in 5-12 ft of water; and watermelon red flukes in 2-12 ft of water.

50 degrees at 4am warming to 78 at 11:30am.  68 degrees at 7pm.