Robert Johnson & Albert Moore – LA    Robert & Albert had 89 bass for the day.  They fished watermelon red Senkos rigged wacky style in 5-9 ft of water.   Guide German

Clyde McAfee & Brenda McAfee – TX      Clyde & Brenda  fished watermelon/chartreuse 8″ lizards and watermelon Senkos in 8-15 ft of water.  They had 60 bass.  Their largest weighed 6.8 lbs.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Scott Cooksey & Ricky Wood – LA    Scott & Ricky had the big bass for the day.  It weighed in at 9.2 lbs.  White spinnerbaits were their lure of choice.  They fished up to 14 ft deep.   Guide Sanchez

Other angelers fished using wacky rigged watermelon worms, Texas rigged 8″ watermelon candy lizards, black/blue jigs, and citrus Rat-L-Traps.  All anglers fished in water up to 15 ft.

60 degrees at 4am warming to 76 at noon.  Clear day with a little wind in the afternoon.