J.W. Peterson & George Hollow – TX & IL    A great day of fishing for J.W. & George.  They landed 100 bass including 11.2 and 13.4 pound trophies.  They fished 4+ ft deep with white spinnerbaits.  Guide Pedro

Joe Earney & Dave Riley – AR & TX   How about 175 bass for the day including one over 9 ponunds?  That is the kind of fishing day that Joe & Dave had.  They fished chrome/blue and chrome/black Rat-L-Traps in 3-12 ft of water.  Guide Armando, Sr.

Bruce Carter & Steve Guyton – TX   Bruce & Steve fished white flukes in 6+ ft of water.  They had 81 bass.  Their largest bass weighed in at 8.8 lbs.   Guide German

Anglers also fished using watermelon Senkos, 8″ watermelon red lizards, white Pop R’s, silver Chug Bugs, and green/white Rat-L-Taps.  Boat totals ranged from 44-175 bass for the day.

53 degrees at 5am warming to 80 at 1pm.