Mike King & Brian Zimmerman – OR     Mike & Brian not only had the most bass for the day – 135 – but also the largest when Brian hooked a 10.2 lb trophy.  They also landed 8.5 & 7.5 lbers.   Their baits of choice were watermelon Senkos, watermelon red Senkos and brush hogs fished in 1-5 ft of water.   Guide Jorge

Gary Jackson & Jim Wolfe – AR    Gary and Jim fished black/blue worms in 4+ ft. of water, and watermelon jigs in 1-5 ft of water.  They totaled 92 bass with a 7 lber as their largest.   Guide Victor

Robert May & Benjamin Dye – AR     Robert & Benjamin fished orange jigs in 1-8 ft of water, and watermelon lizards & jigs in 2+ ft of water.  They had 44 bass.  Guide Enrique

56 degrees at 5am warming to 80 at 1pm.