Terry Smith & Jim Huelsman – ID    Terry & Jim fished 5″ Senkos in green and watermelon with blue tails in 2-4 ft of water.  They had 112 bass with a nice 8 lber as their largest.  Guide Victor

Jeff Carqueville & Daniel Carqueville – IL      Fishing white and white/blue spinnerbaits in 2-8 ft of water, Jeff & Daniel had 37 bass including two over 7 pounds.  Guide Hector  

Tim Kirchner & Pat Kirchner – CA & MI     Tim & Pat had 85 bass for the day.  They fished blue/chrome and blue/silver Rat-L-Traps in 5 ft of water.  Their largest bass weighed 7.4 lbs.  Guide Sanchez    

Other anglers also fished using 5″ watermelon red Senkos, and 8″ watermelon red lizards.

El Salto is currently at 41.9%.

48 degrees at 5am warming to 72 at 11:30am.