Paul Burchett & Mark Wagner – VA     Mark landed the second 10 lber of the weekend.  He and Paul fished June bug Senkos in 7+ ft of water and 8″ watermelon lizards in 1-5 ft of water.  They had 71 bass for the day.   Guide J. Manuel

Francis Moore & Carl Murry – NV & MO     Francis & Carl fished watermelon Senkos & flukes in 1-15 ft of water, and watermelon red flukes in 1-8 ft of water.  They totaled 82 bass with an 8.8 lb beauty as their largest.   Guide Oscar

Bill Phelps & Mike Tuttle – TX     Bill & Mike fished Carolina rigged watermelon lizards in 4-6 ft of water, and Carolina rigged watermelon Senkos in 4-6 ft of water.  Their daily total was 81 bass.   Guide Armando

Other anglers fished 8″ watermelon lizards in 6-8 ft of water,  10″ worms with blue tails & 10 inch worms with blue flakes in 1-5 ft of water.  Daily total of bass boated – 353.

50 degrees at 5am warming to 86 at noon.  72 at 7:30pm.