Don Carqueville & Teresa Carqueville – IL     Don & Teresa fished Texas rigged watermelon Senkos in 5-24 ft of water.  They had 105 bass for the day.   Guide Juan

Charles Cashio & Joe Tentillo – LA    Fishing black/blue worms in 10+ ft of water, and buzzbaits in 1-5 ft of water, Charles & Joe landed 50 bass.   Guide Pedro

Jeff Carqueville & Daniel Carqueville – IL   Jeff & Daniel fished blue/white spinnerbaits in 10-20 ft of water, and watermelon Senkos in 4-8ft of water.  They had 26 bass with a 7.7 lber as their largest.  Guide Hector

50 degrees at 4am warming to 80 at 11:30am.