Richard  Smith & Larry Smith – CA     Richard and Larry had 66 bass including a nice 9.6 lber and a 11.5 lb trophy.  They fished watermelon Senkos, white swimbaits, and 8″ watermelon red lizards in 3-10 ft of water.  Guide Armando, Sr.

Joe Pina & Mike Pina – MO & IL     Joe & Mike fished white spinnerbaits and 8″ watermelon lizards in 5-10 ft of water.  They landed 59 bass.  Their largest bass for day weighed in at 10.8 lbs.   Guide Victor

Greg Smith & Bud Trask – IN & CA     Greg & Bud fished 8″ watermelon and watermelon red lizards in 8-15 ft of water.  They had a total of 68 bass with 8, 9, and 9.2 lbers.  Guide Hector

Other anglers fished using Texas rigged 8″ June Bug lizards, white spinnerbaits, Pop R’s, Chug Bugs, watermelon Senkos, and 8″ green pumpkin lizards.  For the most part anglers fished 1-20 ft deep.

56 degrees at 5am warming to 76 at 11:30am.