Eddie Sollee & Carl Murry – TX & MO     Eddie & Carl fished white Pop R’s and watermelon flukes in 1-8 ft of water.  They totaled 76 bass with each catching 6.8 lbers as their largest.   Guide Armando

Joe Erickson & Kenneth Hess – MD & WV    Joe & Kenneth had the largest total of bass with 83.  Their baits of choice were watermelon red lizards in 1-10 ft of water, and Yellow Magic in 4-5 ft of water.   Guide Felipe

Francis Moore – NV     Francis fished watermelon lizards & Senkos in 1-10 ft of water, and watermelon/green brush hogs in 1-15 ft of water.  He landed 63 bass.  Guide Enrique

Our 5 anglers totaled 222 bass for the day.

54 degrees at 5am.