Ron Turalinski & Eugene Nakatsu – Canada    Fishing a baby bass swimbait, Eugene landed a 10.2 lb trophy.  He & Ron were fishing in 2-10 ft of water.   Guide Armando, Jr.

Don Hock & Mike Montgomery – KS & TX    Don & Mike fished Texas rigged watermelon red flukes in 10+ ft of water.  They landed 60 bass for the day with a 5 1/2 lber as their largest.  Guide Oscar

Dan & Jo Payne – MS    Dan & Jo fished watermelon red worms and lizards in 1-10 ft of water.  They had 30 bass with a 6.8 lber as their largest.   Guide J. Manuel

Other anglers fished *” watermelon/red flake lizards in 1-10 ft of water.

60 degrees at 4:30am warming to 81 at 12:30pm.