Bill Blackburn & Steve Humphries – AL

Bill & Steve had three bass weighing in at 9 lbs and one weighing 9.8.  Their total catch was 75 bass for the day.  They fished black/blue jigs in 4-12 ft of water.  guide Jorge

Dan Ellis & Troy Hanks – TX

Dan & Troy had 64 bass including two 9 lbers and an 8.8.  They fished 8″ watermelon lizards and pumpkin football head  jigs in 10+ ft of water.   guide Enrique

Monty Yeager & Mike Gilley – AL

Monty & Mike had 130 bass including 1 nice 9.3 lber.  They fished jigs in 5+ ft of water.  guide Armando, Sr.

Warm day with a high of 90 at noon.  Some wind in the afternoon.

A great day of fishing both in size and numbers.  There were seven 9 lb fish and boat totals ranged from 29 to 130.  Anglers also used pearl swim baits and  purple Flukes.