Monty Yager & Roger Schofield – AL     Monty and Roger fished white swimbaits in 15-20 ft of water.  They had 70 bass with two over 9 pounds.  Guide Juan

Kelly & Cody Leigh – AZ     Kelly & Cody had 100 bass for the day.  They fished black jigs and spinnerbaits in 12 ft of water.  Their largest fish were two 7 lbers.   Guide J. Manuel

Jim Waits & Billy Skinner – AZ     Fishing citrus shad crankbaits and mullet swim baits in 15 ft of water, Jim & Billy landed 80 bass with a 7.8 lber as their largest.  Guide Victor

60 degrees at 5am.  74 degrees at 8pm.

Other anglers used white/blue crankbaits in 15 ft of water, chartreuse spinnerbaits in 5 ft of water, and citrus crankbaits in 25 ft of water.  Boat totals ranged from 50-100 bass for the day.