Jim Waits & Ricky Stewart, Sr. – AZ     Jim and Ricky fished in 5 ft of water with white Rat-L-Traps and landed 111 bass.  Their largest weighed in at 8.13 lbs.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Kelly Leigh & Ricky Stewart, Jr. – AZ & TX     Using swimbaits in various colors in 18 ft of water, Kelly & Ricky caught 120 bass including a 7 lber.    Guide Hector

Billy Skinner & Cody Leigh – AZ    Billy & Cody landed the most bass today with a boat total of 140.  They fished various colored swimbaits in 2-20 ft of water.   Guide Victor.

Other anglers fished white and citrus crankbaits, white swimbaits, and pearl minnows.  Boat totals ranged from 40-140 bass for the day.

64 degrees at 5am warming to 90 at 12:30pm.