Drew Daniel & Wendy Brackney – AR

A great day of fishing for Drew & Wendy!  They fished citrus shad crank baits in 15-30+ ft of water and had 107 bass for the day including a 9, two 10’s, an 11 and 13.2 pound lunkers.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Manuel Real & Alejandro Arias – CA

Another good day of fishing for Manuel & Alejandro.  They had 44 bass including 9, 10 and 10.8 pound beauties.  Their baits of choice were jigs with Junebug lizards as trailers, and blue/chrome Rat-L-Traps.   Guide Chelo.

Eric & Bentley Hunt – TX

Fishing tilapia crank baits in 12+ ft of water Eric & Bentley had 90 bass for the day.  Their largest bass weighed in at 8.5 lbs.   Guide Juan.

A nice day with a high of 90 at noon.

Boat totals for the day ranged between 39-107.  Other baits used were orange jigs, white buzz baits, and chartruese/blue crank baits.  There were 17 bass weighing 7 – 13.2 lbs.