Mike Ritz, Charles Ritz & Alejandro Higueras – MT & BC    Mike, Charles and Alejandro landed some of El Salto’s larger bass today.  Their largest fish weighed in at 12.4 lbs, 10.11 lbs and 9.5 lbs.  They fished watermelon brush hogs and lizards in 14-18 ft of water.  They had 30 bass for the day.  Guides Jorge & Victor

Tom Denniston & Taylor Denniston – AR    Tom & Taylor fished watermelon/chartreuse lizards in 15 ft of water.  They had 28 bass including a 9 lb beauty.   Guide Enrique

Bill Carragher – OK    Bill fished lizards and Senkos in 1-20 ft of water.  He had 49 bass for the day.  His largest weighed in at 4 lbs.   Guide Oscar

Other anglers fished watermelon red brush hogs in 10+ ft of water; 8″ black/blue worms in 1-20 ft of water, and crankbaits in 10-15 ft of water.

76 degrees at 5am warming to 90 at 10:30am.