Feb 4,2015 Lake El Salto


Tom Haliburton & Larry McDaniel

72 bss to 8lbson watermelon senkos in 1-10′ of water

Rich Slack & JW Peterson

75 s to 7.8lbs on watermelon red trick worms in 1-10′ of water

Joe Cathy & Larry Sholf

38 bassto 8lbs on watermelon senkos in 2-8′ of water


Mike Sanders & Brian Suterland

66 bass to 10.3lbs on christmas tree senkos in 15′ of water

Jack & Lavitta Harman

41 as wit 10.14lb on watermelon senkos in 5-10′ ofwater

Scott Moody & Pedro Springman

43 bass to 8.8lbs on TW Frog in 1-10′ of water