Jan 25, 2017 Lake Comedero

Denny Brauer  had 120 bass to 8lbs on blue crow rage bugs and  white Pure poison  swim jigs in 8′ of water

Daniel Howard had 100 bass to 10.4lbs on swimbaits in 8′ of water

Ben Parrot & John Sullivan had 137 bass to9.8lbs on plumb mag worms in 15′ of water

Larry Pierce had 85 bass to 8lbs on watermelon red brush hogs in 8-12′ of water

Craig Brown had 65 bass with a couple of 8lbs on black/blue chatter baits in 8-12′ of water

Tommy Brown had 80 bass to 8.7lbs on white chatter baits in 8′ of water

Corky Davis had 80 bass to 8.51lbs on watermelon red brush hogs in 15′ of water

Wesley & Lori Smith had 120 bass to 7.10lbs on 7″ tilapia lizards and bone yellow magics in 10-12′ of water

Shane Moore had 80 bass to 7.9lbs on strike king green pumpkin Jis in 15′ of water