Bill Godwin & Dennis Schoonover – UT     Bill & Dennis fished in 3-8 ft of water with 8″ watermelon lizards.  They had 13 fish for the day including a 7 lber.  Guide Enrique

Michael Carfalno & Brett Lee – PA & ID      Fishing in 15 ft of water with 8″ watermelon lizards, Michael & Brett landed 5 bass.   Guide Oscar

Clay Smith & Gavin Mathews – UT & ID        Fishing watermelon red lizards in 1-10 ft of water, Clay & Gavin landed 10 bass for the day.  Guide Pedro

With the exception of Michael & Brett, all other anglers fished in shallow water 10 ft or less.  Other anglers fished white spinner baits, white Zara Spooks, green pumpkin Senkos, shad Rat-L-Traps and baby bass Ricky Pops. 

54 degrees at 3:30am.  76 degrees at 6pm.