Todd Gerth & Gavin Mathews – UT     Todd & Gavin fished watermelon red lizards in 10-20 ft of water.  Gavin landed 9.8 lb beauty.  Guide Sanchez

Israel Barlow & Brett Lee – UT    Israel & Brett also fished watermelon red lizards but in 2-6+ ft of water.  Israel landed a nice 9.5 lber.  They had 49 bass for the day.   Guide Oscar

Michael Carfalno & Heber Barlow – PA & UT     Fishing in 4 ft of water, Mike & Heber had 20 bass including a 7 lber.  They used 8″ green iguanas.

Fishing is still tough as the fish are staying schooled up in the grass which got covered as the lake became full.  Last October the lake was at 68% when we started our season and continued to fall until it reached about 21% in July.  Vegetation had plenty of time to grow while the lake was so low.  Dipping or spraying the tails of the plastic baits (lizards, Sekos, flukes) and swim baits seems to attract the bass.

54 degrees at 3:30am.  76 degrees at 6pm.