Joel Pearson & Anna Prete – British Columbia, Canada      Joel & Anna had 63 bass including one over 8 lbs.  They fished 5″ watermelon Senkos in 1-4 ft of water, and watermelon flukes in 1-10 ft of water.  Guide Juan

Jim & Debbie Kaempfer – MO    Fishing white flukes in 1-5 ft of water, and white/chartreuse spinnerbaits in 5-10 ft of water, Jim and Debbie landed 72 bass including one over 8 lbs.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Gordon Brookman – MO    Gordon fished alone and had 35 bass.  He fished white spinnerbaits in 6-12 ft of water and black/blue jigs in 10-15 ft of water.  His largest bass weighed 7.8 lbs.   Guide Jorge

Other anglers fished 6″ Senkos in blue, green and green pumpkin.  No one fished deeper than 15 ft.

66 degrees at 5am, warming to 78 at 12:30pm.  Cloudy and windy in the afternoon.