Alejandro Arias & Tom Worthy – CA & LA

Alejandro & Tom fished 10″ tequila sunrise and black smog worms and citrus shad crank baits in 5-15 ft of water, and landed 35 bass.  They had two 10 lb beauties and an 11 lb trophy.   Guide Hector

Scott Stanford & Ricky Ethridge – TX

Fishing citrus shad crank baits 20-25 ft deep Scott & Ricky had 56 bass for the day.  They had four bass over 8 1/2 lbs with the largest weighing in at 10.6 lbs.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Eric Hunt & Bentley Hunt – TX

Tilapia crank baits fished 15-20 ft deep were the lures of choice for Eric & Bentley.  They landed 60 bass and had three over 8 lbs.  Their largest weighed 9.8 lbs.  Guide J. Manuel

High of 90 at noon with strong winds in the afternoon. 

Other baits used were 8″ watermelon red lizards and worms, chartruese Rat-L-Traps, green pumpkin Creatures,  and white crank baits.  These anglers had 15 bass over 7 lbs.