Ted Perrin & Eric Morton – MO

Ted & Eric fished 8″ watermelon red lizards in 1-20 ft of water and had 36 bass for the day.  Their largest weighed 9.8 lbs.   Guide Victor

Kirk London & David London – TX

Kirk & David fished white/blue crank baits in 15-20 ft of water and white buzz baits in 3+ ft of water.  They had 46 bass with an 8 lber as their largest.   Guide Oscar

Jim Penn & Ryan Penn – TX

Fishing citrus shad crank baits 15-20 ft deep Jim and Ryan had 50 bass.   Guide Enrique

Clear day with strong winds in the afternoon.  High of 94 at noon.

Anglers also fished 8″ watermelon lizards and perico Bomber crank baits.