Frank & Clay Ramey – AR      A great day of fishing for Frank & Clay as they landed 65 bass including a 12.4 lb trophy and a nice 9.14 lber.  They fished chartreuse swimbaits in 25 ft of water and pumpkin jigs and Senkos in 8-20 ft of water.   Guide German

Tom Denniston & Mike Drinkwater – AR     Tom & Mike also had a good day of fishing when they landed 80 bass including 9 & 11 pound beauties.  They fished using clear Pop R’s and lemon citrus Rat-L-Traps in 2-10 ft of water.   Guide J. Manuel

Taylor Denniston & Mook Miller – AR    Taylor & Mook fished shad swimbaits and citrus crankbaits in 5-25 ft of water.  They had 55 bass including a  10 lb beauty.   Guide Oscar

Other anglers fished using watermelon red lizards, shad crankbaits, and watermelon jigs.  Boat totals ranged from 55 – 104 bass for the day.

76 degrees at 5am warming to 80 at noon.