Gene & Matt Graves – AR     Gene & Matt got into some nice fish, landing a 10.8 and two 9 lbers.  They had 50 bass for the day.  Their bait of choice was watermelon red jigs fished in 15 ft of water.  Guide German

Tom Denniston & Mike Drinkwater – AR   tom & Mike fished white flukes in 15 ft of water and caught 55 bass for the day including a 9.2 lber.   Guide Sanchez

Kirk & Kyle London – TX    Kirk & Kyle landed the most fish of the day with a total of 134.  their largest weighed in at 7.5 lbs.  They fished using chartreuse crankbaits in 5-10 ft of water.   Guide Armando, Sr.

Other anglers also fished watermelon lizards, bandit chartreuse crankbaits, and watermelon red worms.  Boat totals ranged from 48 – 134 bass.

70 degrees at 5am warming to 80 at noon.  Cloudy all day.