Sept 16-24,2016

Sept. 16-24 Brazil Group 14 angler landed 960 Peacocks with 78 over 10 lbs, 16 over 15 lbs, and 5 over 20lbs. The top 3 fish were 25 lbs caught by Charles Spivak, 23 lbs caught by John Billy Koonsman and a 21 lbs caught by Lewis Cunningham. Lewis also added another of 20 lbs and James Bendele of Falcon Tackle landed a 20 pound beauty! This was James’ first experience fishing for the mighty peacock bass and he landed 3 of 13 lbs, 1 of 16 lbs, 1 of 17 lbs and caught one of 20 lbs on the last morning of the trip! I think James is hooked for life!