Sept 23-Oct 2,2016

Hi Anglers! Last week we brought you outstanding numbers of peacock bass to include lots of BIG peacock bass! Well, we said we would update you as to how the next group did with their fishing….and boy did they hit the mother load! We had a group of 10 anglers/customers fish last week. In 6 days of fishing, here are their final numbers…
787 total peacock bass landed in the boat
92 peacock bass landed over 10 lbs
46 peacock bass landed over 15 lbs
11 peacock bass landed over 20 lbs

Yes, 46 over 15 lbs and 11 over 20 lbs!!! Just to remind you of the outstanding numbers from the week prior to this group,..two weeks ago our group of 14 anglers/customers landed 16 over 15 lbs and 5 over 20 lbs. Last week’s group with 4 less anglers more than tripled the numbers over 15 lbs and doubled the numbers over 20 lbs! The largest peacock of last week’s group was 24 lbs…the week before was 25 lbs by Charles Spivak!